The powerful Cell of Eternity in all of us

I’m extremely excited. For the first time in my life I’ve been able to witness, feel and experience the “coming” of the cell of God in a child: my son. He has turned into a moral* person with eternity potential, like each and every one of us does.

This cell of God, Eternity or the First Source (you can call it however you wish) has been spoken about in almost every religion. For some it’s the third eye and for some it’s more a concept like “being perfect like God”, “God is in you” or “You are God as a part of God”, to name a few.

Consciousness of God’s presence and reality is something we experience as a fact but cannot accurately describe, justify or prove. This cell of God in our minds “is” God’s presence in us, and it is “he/she” who whispers his love in our ears and originates our “faith” in his reality.

The First Source of all, in its absoluteness, cannot be perceived by us with our five senses, but our spiritualized mind has the capability of reacting to it and gaining consciousness of its presence through this apparently tiny but extremely powerful Cell of Eternity.
The First Source or Origin is absolute, impersonal and by choice personal as the figure of our Eternal Father.

We human beings of animal origin are born in a material world with very material and time-bound minds. As soon as your mind is capable of taking moral decisions, you loose a part of your material status and gain a new one: human being with eternity potential and this is marked by the immediate “appearance” of the God-Cell in your mind. This means that your mind is capable of experiencing the world not only based on that which is only tangible: your mind now has turned into fertile soil for the growth of your spirit.

This happens in the lives of every human being around the age of 6. It is also the time when we start caring for other people’s feelings, the time when we start learning the difference between right or wrong, and this list goes on and on.

That “difficult age” of questions about everything is typical for childhood. I am overwhelmed with joy at my 6 year old son’s questions.

Where are we really? I mean, in which part of us are we? Our head, heart, feet: where?

I suppose he feels the difference between that which we really are and this which contains us. We are spiritual beings dressed up in flesh.

If you want to read more about the presence of God in Mankind as the “Thought Adjuster” I recommend a book that changed my life: The Urantia Book.

You can also read The Urantia Book for free in the internet:

Note*: Please, don’t interpret “moral” under traditional Judaeo-Christian standards, but more with the “Brotherhood on Earth and the Universe” idea.

Affirmative Prayer and Healing

There’s but one Creative Mind and you are a part of it. Working together with the Cosmic Mind and the Universal and Creative laws of harmony and health will enhance your own health and well-being.

The power of the verb – your words and thoughts – is unlimited. You, as a part of the creative mind, generate that which you program. This related to health issues is an important point to consider.

The time lapse (approximately an hour or so) between the moment you prepare to lay in bed and actually fall asleep is the time when affirmative prayer has its greatest power. The moments right before you doze off to sleep, when your conscious mind doesn’t interfere so strongly, are prefect to program yourself to positive and healing attitudes.

Especially before going to sleep one has the tendency to recall what the day looked like, and as we lay ourselves to bed, we are more conscious of our body and our pains. What happens if you think and talk about your pains or name your illness? You are actually giving them the power to stay and even to grow. One is better off avoiding this. Fear and pain are no good companies before going to bed.

Instead think about harmony and perfect health, and don’t refer to your condition by name in the hours before going to bed.

I will show you my personal affirmative prayer for healing which is inspired in a prayer contained in Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.I recommend that you adapt or make your own personal healing prayer which would better suit you, whether in its content or the way you normally talk to yourself or the universal energies.

You must feel comfortable with your prayer and be able to remember it because you will repeat it often enough so that your subconscious mind accepts the “health affirmations” for your body as true and sets out to heal you.

Affirmative prayers should be repeated several times a day, taking into account that the moments before dozing to sleep are those in which praying works with more power. It’s like even though you’re sleeping, your mind repeats that which you programmed.

I am relaxed and in peace.

The infinite intelligence of my Mind which created me, in conjunction with the Eternal and Universal Mind, works in this moment to regenerate each and every one of my atoms, cells, tissues, nerves, organs, systems and vital processes. It regenerates me completely and restores perfect state of health in me and around me.

All distortion patterns and thoughts are removed, dissolved and gone.

My whole body is completely restored to health and harmony.

For this I am thankful.

Returning to happiness after loss or crisis – Recovering

The general idea of happiness – as seen on TV – would be described as an intense emotional state, when one might feel one’s heart is bursting out from so much joy, and everything, absolutely everything is perfect in your life. I have to say, this is a very limited concept of happiness doomed right from the start.

Perceiving happiness as an intense emotional state can only lead to disappointment. Intense emotional states caused by bio-chemical reactions originated by an event are only temporary and bound to disappear very soon. That’s the way chemical reactions are: they are caused, they affect us and then body and mind return to normality. That’s nature.

No wonder so many people believe that happiness is lived only at moments that repeat themselves sometimes.

Out of experience I tell you: you can be happy everyday. And yes, I’ve already written about being happy before here. But what I want to tell this time is that:

Life can be set with flowers and stones along our way, but it is you and only you who decides “how you will be” and “who you will be” during these alternating ups and downs of life.

A light-hearted attitude and a fresh mind set-up towards that which we cannot change is “the” ideal attitude; but I know out of experience: it’s easier said than done. Events are sometimes too strong and our lives change so radically that it is nothing but normal to not be able to see light in those moments.

But once you’re half way into normality, it is your choice to return to your usual happy self or at least try to cheer up and find light; the important thing is not to force yourself to do anything.

In those “exceptional” moments there are not many other ways to react than feeling miserable and crying your soul out. Feeling lost, not being able to talk or move, let alone think is a part of being in shock or living loss and hard times. And like I wrote before, thank God that these extreme emotions, also fuelled by chemical activity in our bodies, also have an end. “This too shall pass”.

When you’re finally able to calm your emotions down a bit, and the state of shock lowers to almost normal levels, you find yourself with the practical things in life and you have to go on; sadly or luckily: there’s no other way. In extreme times I remember not even having a drop of energy to do anything. Having kids is a blessing, you literally “have to” move!

So concentrate on doing only that which is absolutely necessary, one step at a time:

  • Errands related with practical stuff or survival: buying food, paying bills, going to work, etc.
  • Go out and walk for a while, even if you don’t want to. Fresh air works wonders in a few minutes: it heals. And just being among people in the street, observing how life moves and never stops, is a good way of charging energy.
  • Pamper yourself. I cannot stress the importance of this point enough. Hard times also affect one’s self-esteem; it’s very important that you bathe (rub yourself, use aromatic oils – this helps you love yourself) and take care of your looks. Dressing yourself like you would when you feel happy is effective, whether you believe it or not. Happiness is contagious. There’s even a technique that says: act like if you had or were this want you want to have or be and your mind will accept this as real and will make it manifest in your life. That’s the power of your mind.
  • And in relation with this last statement (happiness is contagious) I’ve found that the “Peter Pan” technique of thinking happy thoughts is very effective. Surround yourself with objects that make you think of funny moments, talk with cheerful people, and watch funny movies.

Concentrating on these small but practical things are the first small steps of recovery. These small private moments where you make small decisions is the start point for bigger decisions.

Once you have got the basics in your life running smoothly it’s time for evaluating the state of your affairs. Knowing where you are is the first step into knowing where you’re headed.

  • Face and accept reality with all its implications. Observe the cold facts, if possible, without emotions
  • See how these facts affect your new life
  • Which are the possibilities you have to go on? What are the resources to go on?
  • Find out where/what/how you want to be or what you want to do
  • Sort out the necessary steps to move your life in the direction you choose it to be
  • After these steps are sorted out then it’s time to start acting. One step at a time, start walking before you start running
  • Seeking for professional help can also help you into sorting out your life. The supporting input of a professional counsellor will be certainly positive

You can make a list or run a diary with the ideas and how you advance in your list. In the future you may look back and see all you have achieved and how the process was.

These steps are a very practical way to start being again in control of your life and your emotions. Reality wipes fear and anxiety out. Fear and anxiety come from thinking obsessively about the future with no real information in your hands.

Looking at life in the eyes is a healing process; being active and with a goal in your hands, open your eyes again to the simple joys in life. It might take a long time or it might take only days; but getting back to action is certainly the road to start being again the happy person you’ve always been.

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