Energy, Stones and Well-being

Everything in the Universe is a manifestation of energy or energy in its purest form. Humans and objects all radiate energy and many are able to see this electro-magnetic field manifest in colors: the aura; and there’s a sort of white “suit of light” that covers every object and human being visible between the surface of the object or person and the aura. Colors and density of this so called “suit of light” can be influenced by emotional states in humans as well as other objects or human beings.

Because of their nature, Energy Stones absorb, store, transmit, re-transmit, and amplify these radiations which turn them into powerful tools that can affect our health positively. Therefore we can use stones to enhance our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well being.

How can you do that?

  • Stones and crystals absorb all sorts of energy that come in contact with them (this can be constructive energy or not), that’s why before using them you must first cleanse them. Every stone has its own natural qualities and energy manifestation; cleansing them before we use them will help us take advantage of these natural characteristics for healing and well-being purposes. Sea water or pure and fresh river water cleanses them effectively.
  • Stones and crystals are activated after cleansing them. Activation means that we amplify the Life Energy of these stones which then can be used to heal. Some use rituals to activate them and some simply water and sun-light. Native American Shaman activated their stones with a sacred blessing ritual.
  • Once the energy stones are activated we can “wear” them or carry them with us. There are stones that relate to every part of our bodies and to every emotional, physical, mental and, spiritual state.

Some points though should be observed:

  • It is not a good idea to put activated stones in contact with metals because metals interfere with the natural radiation of the stone.
  • It is also recommendable that only you make contact with the activated stone, the interaction between your energy and that of the stone should be kept only between both of you. As soon as the stone makes contact with other persons, it will inevitably absorb and interact with the energy of these other people.

There’s a very beautiful and complete book by Robert Simmons that specifies the stones qualities and the area of use in order to enhance our well-being: The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach. It has beautiful pictures of the stones and the area which they enhance is more than thoroughly described. Through this link you can take a look inside at the first pages of this book.

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