The powerful Cell of Eternity in all of us

I’m extremely excited. For the first time in my life I’ve been able to witness, feel and experience the “coming” of the cell of God in a child: my son. He has turned into a moral* person with eternity potential, like each and every one of us does.

This cell of God, Eternity or the First Source (you can call it however you wish) has been spoken about in almost every religion. For some it’s the third eye and for some it’s more a concept like “being perfect like God”, “God is in you” or “You are God as a part of God”, to name a few.

Consciousness of God’s presence and reality is something we experience as a fact but cannot accurately describe, justify or prove. This cell of God in our minds “is” God’s presence in us, and it is “he/she” who whispers his love in our ears and originates our “faith” in his reality.

The First Source of all, in its absoluteness, cannot be perceived by us with our five senses, but our spiritualized mind has the capability of reacting to it and gaining consciousness of its presence through this apparently tiny but extremely powerful Cell of Eternity.
The First Source or Origin is absolute, impersonal and by choice personal as the figure of our Eternal Father.

We human beings of animal origin are born in a material world with very material and time-bound minds. As soon as your mind is capable of taking moral decisions, you loose a part of your material status and gain a new one: human being with eternity potential and this is marked by the immediate “appearance” of the God-Cell in your mind. This means that your mind is capable of experiencing the world not only based on that which is only tangible: your mind now has turned into fertile soil for the growth of your spirit.

This happens in the lives of every human being around the age of 6. It is also the time when we start caring for other people’s feelings, the time when we start learning the difference between right or wrong, and this list goes on and on.

That “difficult age” of questions about everything is typical for childhood. I am overwhelmed with joy at my 6 year old son’s questions.

Where are we really? I mean, in which part of us are we? Our head, heart, feet: where?

I suppose he feels the difference between that which we really are and this which contains us. We are spiritual beings dressed up in flesh.

If you want to read more about the presence of God in Mankind as the “Thought Adjuster” I recommend a book that changed my life: The Urantia Book.

You can also read The Urantia Book for free in the internet:

Note*: Please, don’t interpret “moral” under traditional Judaeo-Christian standards, but more with the “Brotherhood on Earth and the Universe” idea.

15 questions that can bring joy to your life

On this week’s post Life Project I stated that one of the best ways to find out your place in life is getting to know yourself. So many people are unaware of the hidden treasures that lay in their personalities.

Skills, hobbies, routines, sense of humour, ways of thinking and seeing things, etc. can in fact reveal a road of self expression worthwhile exploring, and this discovery is a start that can and may bring back the feeling of joy for life, like you had as a kid.

To consciously do what you do best with joy and maybe even “passion” is a nice goal in life, and it doesn’t matter in which area of your life it is; it may be in the professional area, in the relationship arena, a fulfilling hobby, or a volunteering activity. Important is that you feel you have a place in life, where you give your best and even help or inspire others if possible.

There’s no place for boredom in our lives once we find the things, activities and thoughts that energize us and set our lives into motion. But, please, don’t think that finding the things you’re passionate about means you’re getting a ticket to immediately drop what you’re doing in order to run after your dreams.
The goal here is to motivate your everyday life, and give meaning to otherwise boring or frustrating situations. The goal of this post is to help you find out a direction to go through wisely and intelligently.

Remember, a project has self made and carefully thought steps to follow in order to achieve a goal. One can’t run without first learning how to walk.

Here’s a small list of questions that might open your eyes to a new and intelligent transformation process in your life:

What’s the best attitude towards this questionnaire?
A loose, creative and happy attitude, even funny is the best. Don’t limit the answers and don’t take everything too serious; spontaneity is a good way to find the hidden treasures. Remember you want to find a happy spot in life to develop yourself. After all, we all want to be happy!

Answer the following questions to yourself:

  • What moves you emotionally in your everyday life? It can be a hobby, a song, your kids, a painting, dancing, anything!
  • Why does it move you? Which values or mental images come up that make you feel good?
  • Which activities bring you pleasure and make you forget that time exists?
  • What would bring happiness into your life if you could dedicate your life to it? Which activity would make you wake up with a smile on your face everyday?
  • Which topic could make you read or talk for hours?
  • Ask a good friend, your partner or a family member to tell you what they think you’re passionate about; what have they noticed moves you; what you’re good at; or just plainly what they think you mostly like.
  • In which area do you think you’re good at, best at, and better than most? It can be at problem solving, reading between lines, organizing, making people laugh, grilling, etc. Be open and even silly here.
  • What can you do that is so easy for you but causes other people to ask for help? What comes naturally to you?
  • What makes you unique? What distinguishes you from everybody else?
  • Where are you difficult? What can’t you stand?
  • Which activity or profession do you think would suit you best?

Now use your imagination here:

  • If you died, what would you like to be remembered for?
  • What things would you be honoured or celebrated for if you were famous?
  • In which area, different from the one you’re now, could you be good at? Be creative.
  • If you started a successful business, which would it be?

Once you’re ready with the questions, compare the answers. See which answers are repeated; this is a strong indicator for what you love to do. Which answers feel right in your heart?

Once you discover what the possibilities are for you, make a plan of how you can include these items in your life. Which hobby or occupation is made out of those things that make you happy? If you don’t know of any then invent one up, be creative! The important thing here is to add quality to your life, not stress. To do something you’re passionate about regularly should bring joy to your life.

And if you find that your plan not only makes you happy but that it can actually help others, then your joy will reach sublime heights.

I wish you the very best of times while digging into your soul and finding your place in life: your mission.

It’s OK to be wealthy, prosperous and free

A couple of months ago was I surprised by the very aggressive reaction of a friend of mine as we spoke about wealth. He literally jumped on his seat as I told him that his projects would surely make him very good money. It was like if I had offended him.

You see, there are these long sold stereotypes “made up” by religious groups and people with power to oppress the masses: “Poverty and suffering are virtues”; “only the poor will go to Heaven”; “money is the origin of all evil”, and we can go on and on this way.

  1. Note: First of all, heaven is open for everybody (read here), whether you’re poor or rich or anything; as long as you want to, heaven is yours. And this has absolutely no relationship with your material achievements on this planet.
    Second of all, some political tendencies and even Robin Hood promote taking away from the rich to give to the poor because it’s way easier than empowering the poor in a nation to achieve a realistic goal of prosperity in an area of their best skills. Mother Theresa said something like: don’t take people out of poverty, take poverty out of people’s minds. That means hard work.

There are so many people who want a nice house with a garden, in a beautiful place. I ask you, if you have no resources and having money is so bad, how on earth are you going to make your dreams turn into reality? It’s good to have money, and it’s OK to be prosperous. Living only for money or living in bad conditions because of the lack of it is not OK.

I read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind from Dr. Joseph Murphy quite a long time ago, it’s a book about affirmative prayer and working on your mind, and it literally changed my relationship to money and wealth.

This change in your relationship with money and wealth is the first step to heal your mind of erroneous concepts. Wealth is not only money matters; wealth is abundance in all areas, but mostly in freedom of action.

Freedom of action! Doesn’t it sound good? It sure does to me.

I’m not rich but I’m expanding each day more. Each day I work towards winning freedom of action in every way possible. And money is a part of it; that’s why I go to work. But money is not my only motor: I love my job very much. To work and earn money in an area I love is a freedom I hunted down and achieved. I gained in quality of life, I feel blessed!

How can you get to feel this way? Work with yourself everyday; work on your concepts of abundance, money and wealth:

  • The principle of life is towards growth, evolution and expansion. The universe is abundant and generous. So, your life grows, evolves and expands; your life is abundant and generous.
  • You should be happy, healthy and prosperous. It is your right to be wealthy and free of material barriers
  • Try repeating to yourself several times a day these powerful words: “FREEDOM” and “WEALTH” independently from each other.

Being aware of these points and repeating the last two powerful words will change the patterns by which you live and see life. Most people live in the world of “without” or “I don’ have”: change your state of mind to a more constructive and satisfying one.

Decide to live in “Wealth and Freedom”; you’ll see that it feels very good to be conscious of the treasures we have in our everyday life, one feels grateful for life. It’s definitely one of the best feelings and surely one of the many sources of happiness.

In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,there’s a statement to repeat several times a day, it’s a scientific or affirmative prayer that can help you to have a better relationship with money. I quote:

“I like money…I use it wisely, constructively and judiciously. Money is constantly circulating in my life. I release it with joy, and it returns to me multiplied in a wonderful way. It is good and very good. Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance.  I use it for good only, and I am grateful for my good and for the riches of my mind.”

Be consequent, I can tell out of personal experience that Affirmative Praying does work wonders. Here are some other posts about Self Programming:

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