Affirmative Prayer and Healing

There’s but one Creative Mind and you are a part of it. Working together with the Cosmic Mind and the Universal and Creative laws of harmony and health will enhance your own health and well-being.

The power of the verb – your words and thoughts – is unlimited. You, as a part of the creative mind, generate that which you program. This related to health issues is an important point to consider.

The time lapse (approximately an hour or so) between the moment you prepare to lay in bed and actually fall asleep is the time when affirmative prayer has its greatest power. The moments right before you doze off to sleep, when your conscious mind doesn’t interfere so strongly, are prefect to program yourself to positive and healing attitudes.

Especially before going to sleep one has the tendency to recall what the day looked like, and as we lay ourselves to bed, we are more conscious of our body and our pains. What happens if you think and talk about your pains or name your illness? You are actually giving them the power to stay and even to grow. One is better off avoiding this. Fear and pain are no good companies before going to bed.

Instead think about harmony and perfect health, and don’t refer to your condition by name in the hours before going to bed.

I will show you my personal affirmative prayer for healing which is inspired in a prayer contained in Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.I recommend that you adapt or make your own personal healing prayer which would better suit you, whether in its content or the way you normally talk to yourself or the universal energies.

You must feel comfortable with your prayer and be able to remember it because you will repeat it often enough so that your subconscious mind accepts the “health affirmations” for your body as true and sets out to heal you.

Affirmative prayers should be repeated several times a day, taking into account that the moments before dozing to sleep are those in which praying works with more power. It’s like even though you’re sleeping, your mind repeats that which you programmed.

I am relaxed and in peace.

The infinite intelligence of my Mind which created me, in conjunction with the Eternal and Universal Mind, works in this moment to regenerate each and every one of my atoms, cells, tissues, nerves, organs, systems and vital processes. It regenerates me completely and restores perfect state of health in me and around me.

All distortion patterns and thoughts are removed, dissolved and gone.

My whole body is completely restored to health and harmony.

For this I am thankful.

Tarot Card Spreads: The Love Pyramid

The Love Pyramid

The Love Pyramid

I commented on my last post about Tarot Spreads that one of the major interests in card reading sessions are those related with love matters. “Liebesglück” (translated from German to English: Luck in Love) is one of my most popular spreads, and it’s one I adopted from Hajo Banzhaf (The Tarot Handbook). I personally call it the “Love Pyramid”.

In this Love Pyramid you will be able to see how your relationship’s present state is and also the direction where you, as love-partners, are headed for along this present path.

Please remember that we are “Free Will Human Beings”. Our present path and the direction we’re headed for is our choice. If you don’t like the present path or the direction you’re headed for: do something to change it. You and only you decide how your life will be! And this is independent from those things that happen in life which you cannot control.

With this spread I always use the Universal Waite Tarot; and I think people like it because it’s very easy to follow. On the graphic, the gray line of cards on the right is the woman’s side; and the white line of cards on the left is the man’s side.

  • Card 1 at the top of this Love Pyramid represents the forces that maintain this relationship together. Here you can see the principles for this relationship’s existence and also how this relationship is being lived at the moment. Harmony or discord can be seen according to the card placed at the top.
  • Cards 2 (woman) and 3 (man) represent how each partner lives or sees this relationship individually. It represents the point where each one is standing at the moment in relation to this love partnership.
  • Cards 4 (woman) and 5 (man) represent what each one expects from this relationship and what their wishes are; but it can also represent what they fear might happen in the future of their lives together.
  • Cards 6 (woman) and 7 (man) are cards of advice. They give you a direction to look upon or follow. I find it interesting that these cards – many times – open the eyes of the consulting persons to things they had been ignoring.
  • Card 8 is the future card. It represents what both, man and woman are bound to “produce” as a result of the present way they are living their relationship. It represents the road this relationship is headed for.

I hope you enjoy this spread. If any questions should arise, feel free to make your questions in the comment boxes. All comments are welcome, and I’ll be more than glad to answer.

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