5 easy steps to Cleanse and Activate your Energy Stones

These 5 practical steps to cleanse and activate your energy stones at home are very easy to do and you don’t need to know anything about mystical rituals or have any special knowledge. The only “ingredients” you need to buy are available at your local supermarket: mild soap, 3 white candles, aluminium foil and sea salt.

In this week’s post: Energy, Stones and Well-Being, you can get an idea of what we will do now.

The key points are: cleanse with salt, activate with light and amplify with very low temperature.

A word before we start: if the stones are for you, don’t let anybody else touch them and don’t let the stones get in contact with other metals besides the aluminium foil. If you’re preparing the stones for someone else, don’t touch them directly with your hands, I use gloves instead of having direct contact with the stones.

Here we go!

1. Wash your stones with mild soap in warm water

2. Put your stones (maximum 3 at a time) in a glass bowl and pour water and sea salt on top of them. Place the bowl in front of a window where sunlight will shine upon the stones at least once during the day. If direct sunlight isn’t possible, let the stones be in this salty water for half a day, preferably in front of a window.

3. This step is only necessary if direct sunlight isn’t possible: wash your stones with fresh water and place them in the empty glass bowl again. Place three white candles around the bowl so that the bowl is in the middle of this triangle of candles. Light the candles and leave them burning for a while, I usually wait until the candles are at least half way down. This light of fire cleanses and activates the stones.

4. After letting the stones cool down for a while, wrap each one separately in a small piece of aluminium foil and put them in the freezer for about two hours and then take them out.

5. The fifth step is to connect with your stones, one at a time. Take the first stone out of the aluminium foil and warp it with your hands:

Feel how the stone takes the heat away from your hands; feel how the warm energy from your hands flows into the stone, making it also warm.

Visualize in your mind the purpose of your stone. Is the stone meant for healing a specific part of your body? Is it to help you heal emotional wounds? Is it meant to open the doors of your heart to love? Connect stone and purpose in your mind through visualization.

Carry him around for a while. You can put the stone in a tiny cloth bag and then wear the bag as if it were a necklace inside your shirt so that the stone is near your heart. If you’re a woman you can place the stone inside your bra.

There are many interesting internet sites with detailed specification of what each stone does. You can google: “meanings energy stones” and start reading until you find a site that appeals to you and gives you the information you need.

There are also many books with great information and pictures. One of them is The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach. The beautiful pictures help you recognize the stones you need when you’re buying them and the areas which these stones enhance is described in great detail.

There’s a sort of game I do when shopping for stones: I let the stones choose me!
I look at the stones without any idea of which one to take home. As soon as one catches my interest in a special way I take it home. Then I look for the name of the stone in my book or in the internet and see which areas it enhances.
More than once have I been surprised at the universal wisdom of the subconscious mind. Things I wasn’t really paying attention to in my body, my psyche or my emotions surfaced as I read about the stones I chose and their properties.

I wish you very successful healing sessions with your stones.

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