Affirmative Prayer and Healing

There’s but one Creative Mind and you are a part of it. Working together with the Cosmic Mind and the Universal and Creative laws of harmony and health will enhance your own health and well-being.

The power of the verb – your words and thoughts – is unlimited. You, as a part of the creative mind, generate that which you program. This related to health issues is an important point to consider.

The time lapse (approximately an hour or so) between the moment you prepare to lay in bed and actually fall asleep is the time when affirmative prayer has its greatest power. The moments right before you doze off to sleep, when your conscious mind doesn’t interfere so strongly, are prefect to program yourself to positive and healing attitudes.

Especially before going to sleep one has the tendency to recall what the day looked like, and as we lay ourselves to bed, we are more conscious of our body and our pains. What happens if you think and talk about your pains or name your illness? You are actually giving them the power to stay and even to grow. One is better off avoiding this. Fear and pain are no good companies before going to bed.

Instead think about harmony and perfect health, and don’t refer to your condition by name in the hours before going to bed.

I will show you my personal affirmative prayer for healing which is inspired in a prayer contained in Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.I recommend that you adapt or make your own personal healing prayer which would better suit you, whether in its content or the way you normally talk to yourself or the universal energies.

You must feel comfortable with your prayer and be able to remember it because you will repeat it often enough so that your subconscious mind accepts the “health affirmations” for your body as true and sets out to heal you.

Affirmative prayers should be repeated several times a day, taking into account that the moments before dozing to sleep are those in which praying works with more power. It’s like even though you’re sleeping, your mind repeats that which you programmed.

I am relaxed and in peace.

The infinite intelligence of my Mind which created me, in conjunction with the Eternal and Universal Mind, works in this moment to regenerate each and every one of my atoms, cells, tissues, nerves, organs, systems and vital processes. It regenerates me completely and restores perfect state of health in me and around me.

All distortion patterns and thoughts are removed, dissolved and gone.

My whole body is completely restored to health and harmony.

For this I am thankful.

It’s OK to be wealthy, prosperous and free

A couple of months ago was I surprised by the very aggressive reaction of a friend of mine as we spoke about wealth. He literally jumped on his seat as I told him that his projects would surely make him very good money. It was like if I had offended him.

You see, there are these long sold stereotypes “made up” by religious groups and people with power to oppress the masses: “Poverty and suffering are virtues”; “only the poor will go to Heaven”; “money is the origin of all evil”, and we can go on and on this way.

  1. Note: First of all, heaven is open for everybody (read here), whether you’re poor or rich or anything; as long as you want to, heaven is yours. And this has absolutely no relationship with your material achievements on this planet.
    Second of all, some political tendencies and even Robin Hood promote taking away from the rich to give to the poor because it’s way easier than empowering the poor in a nation to achieve a realistic goal of prosperity in an area of their best skills. Mother Theresa said something like: don’t take people out of poverty, take poverty out of people’s minds. That means hard work.

There are so many people who want a nice house with a garden, in a beautiful place. I ask you, if you have no resources and having money is so bad, how on earth are you going to make your dreams turn into reality? It’s good to have money, and it’s OK to be prosperous. Living only for money or living in bad conditions because of the lack of it is not OK.

I read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind from Dr. Joseph Murphy quite a long time ago, it’s a book about affirmative prayer and working on your mind, and it literally changed my relationship to money and wealth.

This change in your relationship with money and wealth is the first step to heal your mind of erroneous concepts. Wealth is not only money matters; wealth is abundance in all areas, but mostly in freedom of action.

Freedom of action! Doesn’t it sound good? It sure does to me.

I’m not rich but I’m expanding each day more. Each day I work towards winning freedom of action in every way possible. And money is a part of it; that’s why I go to work. But money is not my only motor: I love my job very much. To work and earn money in an area I love is a freedom I hunted down and achieved. I gained in quality of life, I feel blessed!

How can you get to feel this way? Work with yourself everyday; work on your concepts of abundance, money and wealth:

  • The principle of life is towards growth, evolution and expansion. The universe is abundant and generous. So, your life grows, evolves and expands; your life is abundant and generous.
  • You should be happy, healthy and prosperous. It is your right to be wealthy and free of material barriers
  • Try repeating to yourself several times a day these powerful words: “FREEDOM” and “WEALTH” independently from each other.

Being aware of these points and repeating the last two powerful words will change the patterns by which you live and see life. Most people live in the world of “without” or “I don’ have”: change your state of mind to a more constructive and satisfying one.

Decide to live in “Wealth and Freedom”; you’ll see that it feels very good to be conscious of the treasures we have in our everyday life, one feels grateful for life. It’s definitely one of the best feelings and surely one of the many sources of happiness.

In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,there’s a statement to repeat several times a day, it’s a scientific or affirmative prayer that can help you to have a better relationship with money. I quote:

“I like money…I use it wisely, constructively and judiciously. Money is constantly circulating in my life. I release it with joy, and it returns to me multiplied in a wonderful way. It is good and very good. Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance.  I use it for good only, and I am grateful for my good and for the riches of my mind.”

Be consequent, I can tell out of personal experience that Affirmative Praying does work wonders. Here are some other posts about Self Programming:

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Motivate your life with Self-Programming

Motivate your life with Self-Programming

The same things, the same job and the same routines contribute to a feeling of safety and comfort, but there come times where one feels there has to be more to life. Being tired of living the same life day after day or being bored at work because of lack of challenge happens very often. A bit of passion or deeper commitment in life would be great.

It can be anything.
But sometimes you don’t even know what to wish for although you know something’s missing.

  • Renewing the love you have or
  • Finding that “someone” special to love and be loved by
  • Cultivating warm and deep family relationships
  • Developing a great hobby
  • Being really good at something you love
  • Doing a job that you can be passionate about

I encourage you to make contact with the eternal source of wisdom that is the Universal Mind. Remember that even though you might not know the questions, let alone the answers, the fact that you are conscious that there has to be more or that you can give more of you is actually inspired by those energies in charge of your development as a human being with infinite potential. The Universal source that makes you conscious of that need for change knows all the answers, connect with it and let yourself be inspired.

Here is a short exercise to make contact with the Universal Source of Wisdom that guides us all.

What, when and where:
Prayers and auto-suggestions work at best right before you doze to sleep and when they’re the very first thought when waking up. They also work better in those moments of peace and silence, where there’s no chance to be disturbed.
Everyday, twice a day or more, when the conditions allow it, repeat the following text or make your own prayer according to your personal needs, and in a tone you personally use to communicate with the universe.
Be patient and consequent. Repeat this everyday, at least twice a day. Trust the power of the divinity in you and the universe.

The Powers of my Mind-Spirit, in connection with the eternal Wisdom of the Universal Mind, guide me to the place where I belong in this life. Supreme intelligence inspires me to discover the area where I can grow and make my life and that of others around me even better. Deep joy and motivation are motors of my life.

I am capable of recognizing and appreciating the goodness of life
I am capable of truly living life
I am capable of making life beautiful

For that I’m thankful

There’s a book that inspires me very much and it’s called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. It speaks about how your mind works and gives many examples of affirmative prayer or self-programming. I not only mention my own power or the powers of my own mind in my prayers or self-programming sessions; I am very conscious that our power is directly connected with the powers of the universe and that they are of cosmic nature.

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