Life Project: Pulling dreams to reality

About a month ago I published an article called Motivate your life with Self-Programming because nowadays, in a world full of choices and social pressure put on successful lives, many feel lost by not knowing where to go or what to do.

With so many choices and countless possibilities, which one is the right path to follow?

The pressure for success and the fear of making mistakes can paralyze and blind you. This is a logical outcome; I mean we have been instructed at school how to carry out projects related to academic areas, but no one ever taught us how to carry out projects related with our goals in life.

I suggest you look at things from another perspective:

  • There is no wrong or right, and questions like “what’s my destiny in life?” don’t help either because:
  • It is you and only you who decides what you want to do with your life. And, of course, it is up to you to give it your best shot; but you can only give your best shot if what you’re doing is in harmony with your abilities or tendencies. Don’t force yourself.
  • All your roads are good, all your possibilities are good. You just have to choose!
  • The best way to find out “where your place in life is” is getting to know yourself.

A long time ago I made a course called Life Project.
What I learned has helped me throughout every stage of my life and will continue to do so.

I learned that:

  • Dreams are not only dreams
  • Nobody has the same dreams you do
  • What you dream of is completely related to your skills and capabilities or knowledge

In other words, “because” you have what it takes to actually make these dreams come true, is the reason why you have these dreams in the first place.

Your goal is to turn your dreams into realistic and practical goals.

How did we go about making this project of life? Here are the exercises:

List 25 things or occupations you would love to do; it doesn’t matter how wild or crazy your dreams may sound, just write them down without any adjectives. And please, don’t write things like being rich or famous, these are not occupations, although some so-called celebrities might make us think so.
Results: It was incredible to find out that no one of us could really find 25 things we would love to do in our lives as an occupation, 10 was even hard at that time.
And when comparing some of the not so crazy dreams in life (that could’ve been embarrassing) we found that no one of us shared the same dreams. And it was funny to see that the dreams of others would never be in my list of dreams. Just like nobody is the same, our dreams are also unique.

Pick the top 5 dreams you would love to do and write them down in realistic way: as a goal.

Write a list of the natural and logical course of action to follow if you were to pursue this goal.
Next surprise: EVERYTHING is actually “doable”.

This exercise is a good way to put life into another perspective, where life’s quality can be enhanced and improved by turning your dreams into goals. By giving your dreams a practical and logical structure, you literally pull them out of your imagination and make them real and tangible.

The rest is up to you; follow the steps you consider adequate to make those dreams come true. Even if it takes a while, every small or big step you take in the direction of achieving your goals is an inch closer to your “dream-come-true”.

There’s a statement in my post Motivate your life with Self-Programming that I would like to place here; it’s an affirmative prayer  to find your place in life (click here). Like I always write, be consequent, and repeat these affirmations several times a day everyday; they make wonders in your life!

(update: 2009-02-15) I made a list of 15 questions that can bring joy to your life. This exercise will open up perspectives that you might be unaware of. It will help you discover the hidden treasures in you and might even paint a whole new journey in your life.

I hope this article will set your mind and spirit into motion like it did with me at that time.

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