Hi, I’m Atika and I write mindspiritmotion.com, where our spiritual relationships with the universe and other spiritual realities in our everyday life will be exposed.

Although I enjoy my career in advertising, the most important career in my life has always been: spirituality.

At a very young age, the urge-search for a “logical” explanation to those realities I saw, felt and understood while others apparently didn’t or didn’t even care, moved me for a very long time. I wanted to know the origins and the purpose of our world, of our spirit, of our life and what was real in the holy texts. But what I mostly wanted was information that would explain the purpose of all these so called “supernatural” manifestations.

Today, after living these spiritual realities and learning how they work, I find no need for proof or purpose. They are real and manifest themselves freely to those who choose to experience them. They are by no means something that only “chosen” people can see or develop, they are an integral part of us.

When you hop out of the natural anecdotic first stage of observing manifestations like telepathy –just to name one spiritual reality – as something amazing and mysterious, and start to experience these resources like something as natural as breathing; when you take a step back and look at the great picture: you as an integral human being, with body, mind and soul -material, intelligent and spiritual-, then you are ready to get into motion. Your goal and purpose in life is exactly that what you propose it to be, to master these integral elements of your being will turn them into powerful tools for living effectively and happily.

Beauty, truth and goodness -intrinsically related to matter, mind and spirit- are the universal goals of humanity. Mind and spirit are in motion; and this life is “the opportunity” to put our minds and spirits into motion.


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    mindspiritmotion is a blog that helps readers expose everyday life to a more spiritual and universal light.

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