The powerful Cell of Eternity in all of us

I’m extremely excited. For the first time in my life I’ve been able to witness, feel and experience the “coming” of the cell of God in a child: my son. He has turned into a moral* person with eternity potential, like each and every one of us does.

This cell of God, Eternity or the First Source (you can call it however you wish) has been spoken about in almost every religion. For some it’s the third eye and for some it’s more a concept like “being perfect like God”, “God is in you” or “You are God as a part of God”, to name a few.

Consciousness of God’s presence and reality is something we experience as a fact but cannot accurately describe, justify or prove. This cell of God in our minds “is” God’s presence in us, and it is “he/she” who whispers his love in our ears and originates our “faith” in his reality.

The First Source of all, in its absoluteness, cannot be perceived by us with our five senses, but our spiritualized mind has the capability of reacting to it and gaining consciousness of its presence through this apparently tiny but extremely powerful Cell of Eternity.
The First Source or Origin is absolute, impersonal and by choice personal as the figure of our Eternal Father.

We human beings of animal origin are born in a material world with very material and time-bound minds. As soon as your mind is capable of taking moral decisions, you loose a part of your material status and gain a new one: human being with eternity potential and this is marked by the immediate “appearance” of the God-Cell in your mind. This means that your mind is capable of experiencing the world not only based on that which is only tangible: your mind now has turned into fertile soil for the growth of your spirit.

This happens in the lives of every human being around the age of 6. It is also the time when we start caring for other people’s feelings, the time when we start learning the difference between right or wrong, and this list goes on and on.

That “difficult age” of questions about everything is typical for childhood. I am overwhelmed with joy at my 6 year old son’s questions.

Where are we really? I mean, in which part of us are we? Our head, heart, feet: where?

I suppose he feels the difference between that which we really are and this which contains us. We are spiritual beings dressed up in flesh.

If you want to read more about the presence of God in Mankind as the “Thought Adjuster” I recommend a book that changed my life: The Urantia Book.

You can also read The Urantia Book for free in the internet:

Note*: Please, don’t interpret “moral” under traditional Judaeo-Christian standards, but more with the “Brotherhood on Earth and the Universe” idea.

The power of “I AM”

“I am” is the name of the original source or primal cause of the whole creation. “I am” is eternal, infinite and uncaused. “I am” is the philosophic concept that portraits God.

There’s a cell of God in our minds, it’s located in the area between the eyes – often called the third eye – and it is this presence that makes us Godlike. “I am” is an integral part of you.
Pronouncing “I AM” refers inevitably to the original cause and it naturally activates eternal powers in you and in the universe.

The words pronounced after “I am” are also of vital importance: accustom yourself to using the right words when you refer to you. The power of “I am” is creation. You literally create that what you say about yourself.

  • I am happy
  • I am healthy
  • I am intelligence
  • I am consequent
  • I am love
  • I am good
  • I am peace
  • I am beauty
  • I am truth
  • I am prosperity
  • I am abundance
  • I am creative

This is a pure and powerful act of creation; it links you with the primary source of the universe.

Think twice before you say things like “I’m no good, lazy, difficult, and dumb”. Avoid calling anyone such names; specially kids and young people tend to “save” those words in their minds and act accordingly.

Make it an important goal to refer to you and to others with respect and in a constructive way.

Set those powers into motion for a good cause: being a beautiful, good and truthful person everyday.
It is an honour to give shelter to the cell of God; let’s live accordingly.

Gain consciousness of this divine presence in you and in others. Although complete consciousness of God is impossible due to our still very material nature, our eternal Father reaches out throughout the whole Universe towards us, he literally sees through our eyes. To spiritualize our material minds in order to establish all possible contact with this divine cell of God is beauty in action. For such beauty in the world I pray for and I’m thankful everyday.

With love,

Good news: life starts here and has no end!

We have a spiritual career to get up to, and it will take us into eternity.

It’s time to free ourselves from the inherited concepts of karma, original sin, and guilt. This load on our backs doesn’t even belong to us. These concepts were sometimes used to establish discrimination among people; these concepts were often used to keep the privileged in power. Heaven is for every single one of us, if we want to. And nothing can take that away from us.
Be free!

This might come as a shock for some. You don’t have to be perfect, no obligated church visits, no purging-off your sins.
Your ticket to heaven is simply “Wanting” to make this journey. Inner longing to make this spiritual trip.

FAITH is your key to Heaven.

It sound simplistic and easy, but it’s not… and then, it is.
At least for me, it’s very liberating, this sense of freedom is hard to describe with words.

Nowadays, there seems to be this emptiness in the air. Some of us try to fill this gap with shopping, entertainment and pleasures, but when you’re alone with yourself, you might get to feel a bit lost. Many questions could arise:

  • What’s the purpose of life?
  • What’s the purpose of my life?
  • What next?
  • Is all this worth it?

For some people the purpose of life is:

  • Protect and provide my country or my family
  • Cure the sick
  • Feed the poor
  • Help humanity
  • Bring happiness to my family

These are wonderful and important goals in life, for all of mankind.

But, the “ultimate purpose in this life”, the one Purpose that makes all other purposes achievable is the consciousness of our eternal destiny in Heaven; the spiritual career.

This spiritual consciousness intrinsically implies:

  • Opening eyes and hearts to our brotherhood on earth and in the universe. As material (only temporarily), intelligent and spiritual beings we all come from the same origin, our substance is the same, and our purpose is the same.
  • Having goals that transcend all material and temporary ambitions (life’s motiv(es)ation). This is the spiritual career.

And longing for this journey across this universe, knowing only “that” which many of our religions have preached, is a pure act of faith.
And this pure act of faith upon the spiritual career is what guides us and gives us the tools to achieve all of humanities biggest goals.

The material world is a result of the spiritual world; our planet won’t get better with material solutions alone. The change has to come from the inside, from every single one of us. And this deep conviction of spiritual and universal values is the true motor.

One of many beings that showed us the way was our loved Michael, known on earth as Jesus of Nazareth, with his life’s example he continues to inspire us to reach out into eternity starting from ourselves:

Beauty of actions
Truth of mind and intention
Goodness of heart and soul

The spiritual career, the description of Heaven, Life’s purpose, and the complete narration of  “The Life of Jesus” (narrated by spiritual beings) are but a few topics written on this wonderful book that changed my life: The Urantia Book.

Warning: If you decide to buy this book, I suggest you read it slowly, not necessarily from the beginning. Its concepts are hard to take at once; start by reading about things that have always interested you or intrigued you; and then slowly get to other deeper areas. I hope you love this book as much as I do.

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